Maekersuite AI Review & AppSumo Lifetime Deal to Create Viral Video Scripts In 2024

Do you want to tell a great story with data and AI?
Do you want to write a viral video script using AI?

Well, there is a new AI content tool that is perfect for becoming a better storyteller using real data and artificial intelligence.

Introducing Maekersuite, an AI-powered content generation tool that creates SEO-friendly scripts for your videos in just 15 minutes.

You can grab the Maekersuite lifetime deal to research and discover relevant video ideas and insights tailored to your audience.

So if you are looking to create engaging video scripts in no time using AI, then keep reading this Chat Sonic blog post.

What is Maekersuite AI?

Maekersuite is an AI-powered video platform that predicts what type of video content works best based on the latest trends and helps you create amazing, original video content 10X faster using artificial intelligence.

You can optimize your video idea for algorithmic success by comparing it to millions of YouTube videos using this new AI content tool.

It also allows you to turn that video content idea into an SEO-optimized script in less than 15 minutes!

You will receive a detailed report filled with data-driven insights to assist you in determining whether a video is worth creating.

This report will be provided to you before you invest any time or money into video content production.

Check out the Maekersuite AI website for more!

AppSumo Maekersuite Lifetime Deal 2024

Transform your thoroughly researched content idea into a comprehensive outline at an unbeatable one-time cost with the Maekersuite lifetime deal available exclusively on AppSumo.

maekersuite ai appsumo lifetime deal

3 Best Options to Choose Maekersuite Lifetime Deal in 2024

  1. License 1 for $29: Get access to all features, 15 scripts, 15 explorations, 30 descriptions, and unlimited AI words per month.
  2. License 2 for $129: Get access to all features, 100 scripts, 100 explorations, 100 descriptions, and unlimited AI words per month.
  3. License 3 for $259: Get access to all features, unlimited scripts, 250 explorations, and unlimited AI words and descriptions per month.

Buy Maekersuite Lifetime Deal

How does Maekersuite AI work?

Maekersuite AI works in three important phases.

  1. Research Phase: Here you can discover relevant business video ideas tailored to your audience, driven by data and AI. Simply enter keywords, allow Maekersuite AI to identify trends, and get recommendations for videos that are relevant to your niche.
  2. Content Outline Phase: From titles to calls-to-action, craft entire story content outlines seamlessly with this advanced AI content generator. Without the usual scriptwriting hassle, inform, customise, and finish them.
  3. Generate Script from Scratch: Now you have a script in hand that is data-driven and personally crafted for your business. You’re all set to create videos that engage, resonate, and drive growth for your business.


If you make YouTube videos, you should look at this amazing AI tool!

It’s simple to use to get all the data and insights on competitor videos and helps you write a great video script in no time.

The insights provided by this tool are well worth the money you spend because it allows you to easily summarise the video you are researching and generate a comprehensive text breakdown.

Visit the Maekersuite website and explore their pricing or go with the one-time payment option using the Maekersuite AppSumo lifetime deal.

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