How to Use Chatsonic?

Learn How to Use Chatsonic AI to create unique content.

ChatSonic is an easy-to-use generative AI feature inside Writesonic AI software!

Just choose the “ChatSonic” feature from the Writesonic Library and give voice commands or text commands.

You can also use Chat-Sonic to create visuals and generate content quickly.

Additionally, you can also use AI to generate creative stories, blog introductions and other marketing content quickly with Writesonic.

6 Easy Steps to Use Chatsonic For Content Creation:

To use Chat Sonic, follow these six easy steps now:

1. Select “ChatSonic” from the Writesonic Library. 

2. Explore the ChatGPT tool and use voice commands to generate content. 

3. Use Chat Sonic AI to create visuals and generate content quickly. 

4. Connect Chat Sonic with Google search to create content with the latest information.

5. Utilize ChatSonic to generate content, be it blog posts, emails, tweets, posts, product descriptions, ads, etc., on any website like Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, etc. 

6. Finally, use ChatSonicAI to help with mid-journey prompts, act as a translator, help with GitHub, act as a personal fitness trainer, and help you with cooking recipes.

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