BotSonic No-Code AI Chat Bot Builder By ChatSonic! Check Free Plan & Features

Do you want to create your own AI chatbot? Introducing Botsonic, an AI chat bot builder powered by GPT-4.

Chatsonic has been very successful for Writesonic, with over 50 million generations so far.

Writesonic's goal is to provide their business-class customers with an exceptional product that they can effortlessly incorporate and incorporate into their website.

Therefore, they are introducing a cutting-edge AI chatbot product.

Botsonic is an AI chatbot builder developed by Writesonic. It creates chatbots without coding and improves customer experience and engagement.

Botsonic: No-code AI Chatbot Builder

Watch how you can train your own data and create a no-code AI chatbot for your business using the best AI chat builder, Botsonic. Build your AI chatbot in 2 minutes using this link.

What is Bot Sonic?

Botsonic is a no-code AI-powered chatbot builder developed by Writesonic where you can create your own custom chatbot and train Bot sonic on your website business data.

botsonic no code AI chatbot builder

Using Bot Sonic Chatbot, you can build your own chat bot in just 2 minutes using artificial intelligence and GPT-4 technology.

BotSonic Chatbot Builder Features

Botsonic offers a variety of amazing features. Discover the impressive array of features offered by Botsonic AI chatbot builder.

  1. Effortless no-code AI chatbot builder
  2. Upload and train ChatGPT with your data
  3. Supports PDF, Docs, PPT, Websites, Sitemaps etc
  4. Customize for your brand design and voice
  5. Easy website integration with embeddable scripts or APIs
  6. Access users data and analytics

Try BotSonic & Create Your Own Chatbot!

BotSonic Pricing 2023

Discover the Botsonic pricing plans for 2023 and find the perfect fit for your business needs. Botsonic prices starts at $19 per month where you can create unlimited chatbots.

botsonic pricing

Botsonic offers:

  • Clear pricing structure
  • Great value for money
  • Free document & sitemap scraping
  • 1 premium word per 1000 characters uploaded
  • One-time upload fee, free storage
  • No cost for input messages on the bot

Check Botsonic Prices

BotSonic Free Trial Plan 2023

Botsonic is a conversational AI chatbot builder built with superpowers and is powered by GPT-4.

With Botsonic, you can take advantage of a free trial that allows you to train one bot with up to 10,000 words of file upload.

Choose one of their affordable plans to fully use the AI chatbot builder tool. Pricing starts at $19 monthly and $12.67/month annually. You can flat 33% off on annual billing.

Botsonic Data Storage & Security Features

  • User privacy & unauthorized access prevention
  • Secure cloud systems for data access
  • 24/7 threat monitoring & mitigation
  • User-driven data removal at discretion


Overall, Bot Sonic is an AI chatbot that doesn't require coding and can be customized to fit your business needs easily, powered by ChatGPT.

Try BotSonic & Create Your Own Chatbot!

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