Copy AI Pricing Plans: How much does cost 2023?

Are you interested in discovering more about's pricing and plans for 2023? Is Copy AI worth it?

CopyAI is a prominent player in the market, known for its exceptional AI-powered text generation capabilities.

What is Copy AI? is an advanced content platform that uses artificial intelligence to provide various writing tools and capabilities.

This tool uses cutting-edge natural language processing and machine learning techniques to create text that is remarkably similar to human writing.

It adapts to user input and preferences, resulting in an exceptional user experience.

This tool is great for generating blog posts from briefs. Create high-quality blog posts easily with by using your briefs.

Learn how to use to quickly generate blog posts in this video.

Copy AI can be used to simplify writing tasks such as creating content, copywriting, marketing materials, blogs, social media captions, and more.

Visit for a free plan: Pricing Plans 2023

Copy AI offers three different pricing options — Free, Pro and Enterprise Plan.

Here is the official pricing page for Copy AI:

CopyAI provides a lifetime plan completely free of charge. Let’s begin with that.

1. Copy AI Free Trial Plan

Try out Copy AI’s free trial plan to experience the power of their AI writing software.

Experience the power of’s state-of-the-art AI writing tools and witness the transformation they can bring to your writing.

With the Free plan, you have the incredible opportunity to generate up to 2,000 words per month, completely free of charge. Plus, you’ll get access to all the amazing features at no cost whatsoever.

2. Copy AI Pro Plan

The Pro plan includes unlimited words for up to 5 users at a cost of $36 per month.

Get ready to experience the power of Chat by, where the possibilities are endless.

With unlimited brand voices, you can take your projects to a whole new level.

And to top it off, you’ll have priority email support to ensure that your experience is nothing short of amazing.

With the pro pricing plan, you can generate content in more than 29 languages.

This plan is perfect for bloggers, freelancers, and businesses. Save 25% on this pro plan by using our Copy AI coupon codes.

3. Enterprise Plan

If you want to enhance your business to new heights, consider choosing the Custom Plan offered by Copy AI, which provides tailored packages.

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Don’t miss out on the chance to explore the simplest AI content generation technology. Sign up today for free and start writing.

Copy AI Price FAQs

Here are the top five questions people ask about Copy AI and its pricing plans.

1) How much does Copy AI cost?

The pro plan offers unlimited words for $36 per month.

  • Pro plan (Monthly): Starts at $49/month
  • Pro plan (Billed Annually): Starts at $36/month
  • Custom plan: Based on your needs

Learn more about's pricing at

2) Does CopyAI offer a free trial?

Yes, CopyAI offers a lifetime free plan that includes 2,000 words which let you try all of AI's writing tools: blog content, copywriting, digital ads, marketing tools, and more. You can generate about 2,000 words of content each month for free. Give it a try!

3) Is worth it?

CopyAI is an excellent tool for quickly creating high-quality content on any topic. With Copy AI, you can get your content created in no time with over 100+ copywriting templates. Overall, this tool is extremely useful for generating content.

4) Who owns

Paul Yacoubian is the creator and CEO of, a rapidly growing AI startup.

5) Which is better, Jasper or Copy AI?

Jasper is the perfect option for content teams who have both experience and a budget, as it provides enhanced control over the desired content results. You can try Jasper AI for free here.

Copy AI is the best choice for generating unlimited short and long copies. If you prefer not to be restricted by word limits, then is the perfect choice for you.

6) Is there a free alternative to Copy AI?

Quillbot and Neuroflash are two amazing alternatives that offer a free plan that lasts forever.

Neuroflash is a great free alternative to Copy AI. It also offers 2000 words per month for free. You can also try Quillbot for free.

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